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Christian Walks has been maintained in the public interest since 2003 for the sole purpose of providing spiritual understanding of God's word. Our intent is to provide a place for Interdependent Biblical Studies to provoke serious study, and thought through various view points. We provide subject articles written by a variety of organizations and individuals all in one place for easy reference.

The evidences and Spiritually inspired messages written, maintained and provided by Christian Walks are designed as resources that are both thought provoking and informative. What you do with this information is completely up to you.

This site may, or may not embrace all the theological beliefs or viewpoints of the authors listed on this site.

The general public is not expected to believe everything that is written or taught within the realm of "Christian Walks", and if "Christianity" or "Religion" offends you, consider yourself warned that you will be offended here. 

Christian Walks is NOT a church. It does not have congregations nor is it affiliated with any church or religious organization. According to Scripture a "Church" consists of  "called out ones" who live by the Word of God, it is not an organization, but resides within a person.

We seek no monetary reward.

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