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Day Of The Lord Revisited
"Day Of The Lord Revisited".
Are you prepared for what's ahead
for America and the world?
A must watch series time lining the day of the Lord
and our Lord's return

View the
U.S. National Debt Clock

We have put together a list of web sites that may have Sabbath services or biblical studies.


Disclaimer: Christian Walks does not necessarily endorse, in their entirety, all the agencies or organizations represented, or carry a “recommendation”.

1-9 & A-B

0 - 9
7th Day Churches of God (sites world wide)

A Congregation of the Church of God (Northern Arizona)
Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (web site only)


Bible Study (web site only)
Beyond Today (sites world wide)
Believers in Christ Church of God (Redwood City, CA)
Bethel Church of God (on-line services only, Portland, OR)
Bible Research (web site only)
Blow the Trumpet (web site only, Semi Valley, CA)
Born To Win (web site only)
British-Israel Church of God (web site only)

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