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Christian Walks website is always searching for quality articles.


Materials desired: Articles on Basic Bible topics, In-depth research into Biblical Doctrines, short uplifting and inspiring stories, Poetry, Audio tapes of Bible studies or sermons.

All materials submitted must either be in the public domain or have written permission from the creator(s)/copyright holders for distribution. If you are suggesting a work you did not author or have copyright for, please include contact information so that permission may be obtained from the proper owners. Christian Walks reserves the non-exclusive right to perform minor editing and distribute articles and materials in electronic and other formats unless, on an individual basis, we agreed to other arrangements.

For in-depth, lengthy articles please include a few brief synopsis paragraphs about your research. Please include a mailing address or email address or both for your article so that readers may contact you directly with questions.

All materials submitted will be reviewed and the author(s) will be notified by email if their material will be added to this Web site. Christian Walks regrets it cannot respond in detail or critique materials sent to us.

Christian Walks reserves the right to refuse publication of materials on the website for any or no reason.

Note: If you wish to point out any factual errors I may have missed, there are over a 1,000 articles at the Christian Walks website, please specify the article you are referring to (include its URL) and try to provide an exact quote of the portion (s) you have concerns over.

Send any correspondence to:

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