The Antiquities Of The Jews
by Flavius Josephus
(Books 1 - 6)
(Books 7 - 13)
(Books 14 - 20)
Book I.
From Creation To
Death Of Isaac.
  Chapter 1:
   Constitution Of World
   And Disposition Of Elements.
  Chapter 2:
   Posterity Of Adam
   And Ten Generations From
   Him To Deluge.
  Chapter 3:
   The Flood: How Noah
   Saved In Ark With Kindred,
   Afterwards Dwelt In
   Plain Of Shinar.
  Chapter 4:
   Tower of Babylon and
   Confusion of Tongues.
  Chapter 5:
   How Posterity of Noah
   Sent out Colonies and
   Inhabited Whole Earth.
  Chapter 6:
   How Every Nation Was
   Denominated from Their
   First Inhabitants.
  Chapter 7:
   How Abram Left Land of
   Chaldeans and Lived in
   what Now called Judea.
  Chapter 8:
   Abram Goes To Egypt
   when Famine hits Canaan,
   then Returns Home.
  Chapter 9:
   Destruction of Sodomites
   by Assyrian Wall
  Chapter 10:
   How Abram Fought Assyrians,
   Overcame Them, Saves Sodomite
   Prisoners, Takes back
   Stolen Goods.
  Chapter 11:
   How God Overthrew
   Nation of Sodomites,
   out of Wrath Against Sins.
  Chapter 12:
   Abimelech; and Ismael,
   Son of Abraham;
   and Arabians, Who
   Were His Posterity
  Chapter 13:
   Isaac the Legitimate
   Son of Abraham
  Chapter 14:
   Sarah, Abraham’s Wife;
   and How She Ended
   Her Days.
  Chapter 15:
   How Nation of Troglodytes
   Derived from Abraham
   by Keturah.
  Chapter 16:
   How Isaac Took
   Rebeka to Wife
  Chapter 17:
   Death of Abraham
  Chapter 18:
   Sons of Isaac, Esau
   and Jacob; Their
   Nativity and Education.
  Chapter 19:
   Jacob’s Flight into
   Mesopotamia Due To
   Fear Brother.
  Chapter 20:
   The Meeting of Jacob
   and Esau.
  Chapter 21:
   The Violation of
   Dina’s Chastity
  Chapter 22:
   How Isaac Died,
   and Buried in Hebron
Book 2.
From Death of Isaac
to Exodus out of Egypt
  Chapter 1:
   How Esau and Jacob,
   Divided Their Habitation;
   Esau Possessed Idumea
   and Jacob Canaan
  Chapter 2:
   Joseph Envied by Brethren
   when Dreams Foreshown
   His Future Happiness
  Chapter 3:
   Joseph Sold by Brethren
   into Egypt, How He
   Grew Famous, Illustrious,
   Had Brethren Under His Power
  Chapter 4:
   Concerning the Signal
   Chastity of Joseph
  Chapter 5:
   What Things Befell
   Joseph in Prison
  Chapter 6:
   Joseph, when Famous in
   Egypt, Had His
   Brethren in Subjection
  Chapter 7:
   Removal of Joseph’s Father,
   with All His Family, to
   Him, due to Famine
  Chapter 8:
   Death of Jacob
   and Joseph
  Chapter 9:
   Afflictions that Befell Hebrews
   in Egypt, During
   Four Hundred Years
  Chapter 10:
   How Moses Made War
   with the Ethiopians
  Chapter 11:
   How Moses Fled out
   of Egypt into Midian
  Chapter 12:
   The Burning Bush and
   the Rod of Moses.
  Chapter 13:
   Moses and Aaron
   Returned into Egypt
   to Pharaoh
  Chapter 14:
   Ten Plagues Which
   Came upon the Egyptians
  Chapter 15:
   Hebrews, Under Conduct
   of Moses, Left Egypt
  Chapter 16:
   Sea Divided Asunder
   for Hebrews, when
   Pursued by Egyptians
Book 3.
From Exodus out of Egypt,
to Rejection of Generation.
  Chapter 1:
   How Moses Led People
   to Mount Sinai;
   but Not till They
   Suffered Much.
  Chapter 2:
   How Amalekites and Neighbouring
   Nations Made War with
   Hebrews, Beaten, and
   Lost Part Army.
  Chapter 3:
   Moses Kindly Receives
   Father-In-Law Jethro
   at Mount Sinai.
  Chapter 4:
   Raguel Says to Moses to
   Set People in Order,
   How Moses Complied in All
   Things with Father-In-Law.
  Chapter 5:
   Moses Ascends to Mount
   Sinai, and Receives Laws
   from God, Delivers Them
   to Hebrews
  Chapter 6:
   Tabernacle Moses Built
   in Wilderness for
   Honor of God.
  Chapter 7:
   Garments of Priests
   and High Priest
  Chapter 8:
   Priesthood of Aaron
  Chapter 9:
   Manner of Offering Sacrifices
  Chapter 10:
   Festivals and How Each
   Day of Festivals
  Chapter 11:
   Of the Purifications
  Chapter 12:
   Several Laws
  Chapter 13:
   Moses Removed from Mount
   Sinai, Conducts People
   to Borders of Canaanites
  Chapter 14:
   Moses Sends Persons to
   Land of Canaanites, Spys Report
   They Are No Match for Them.
   People Resolve to Stone Moses.
  Chapter 15:
   Moses Foretells that God
   Angry, and They Should
   Continue in Wilderness
   Forty Years.
Book 4.
From Rejection Of Generation
To Death Of Moses.
  Chapter 1:
   Fight of Hebrews with
   Canaanites, Without Consent
   of Moses; and Their Defeat
  Chapter 2:
   Sedition of Corah and
   Multitude Against Moses and
   His Brother, Concerning
   the Priesthood
  Chapter 3:
   Those that Stirred up Sedition
   Destroyed, According to Will
   of God; How Aaron
   Retained the Priesthood
  Chapter 4:
   What Happened to Hebrews
   During Thirty-Eight
   Years in Wilderness
  Chapter 5:
   Moses Conquered Sihon and
   Og, Kings of the Amorites,
   and Destroyed Army, and
   Divided Land by Lot.
  Chapter 6:
   Concerning Balaam the
   Prophet and What Kind
   of Man He Was
  Chapter 7:
   How Hebrews Fought
   Midianites and
   Overcame Them
  Chapter 8:
   Polity Settled by
   Moses, How He
   Disappeared Among Mankind
Book 5.
From the Death of Moses
to Death of Eli.
  Chapter 1:
   How Joshua Made War
   with Canaanites, Destroyed Them,
   Divided Their Land by
   Lot to Tribes of Israel
  Chapter 2:
   After Death of Joshua,
   Israelites Transgressed Laws of
   Country, Experienced Afflictions;
   Sedition - Tribe of Benjamin Destroyed
  Chapter 3:
   How Israelites After Misfortune
   Grew Wicked, Served
   Assyrians; How God
   Delivered Them by Othniel
  Chapter 4:
   How People Served Moabites,
   Then Delivered from
   Slavery by One Ehud.
  Chapter 5:
   How Canaanites Brought Israelites
   Under Slavery; And
   Delivered by Barak / Deborah
  Chapter 6:
   How Midianites, Other Nations
   Fought Israelites, and Beat Them,
   and Afflicted Their Country,
   Delivered by Gideon.
  Chapter 7:
   Judges Who Succeeded
   Gideon Made War with
   Adjoining Nations for
   Long Time
  Chapter 8:
   Fortitude of Samson, and
   Mischiefs He Brought
   upon Philistines
  Chapter 9:
   How, Under Eli’s Government of
   Israelites, Boaz Married Ruth,
   from Whom Came Obed,
   Grandfather of David
  Chapter 10:
   Birth of Samuel;
   How He Foretold
   Calamity that Befell
   Sons of Eli
  Chapter 11:
   What Befell Sons of
   Eli, the Ark, and
   People; How Eli Himself
   Died Miserably
Book 6.
From the Death of Eli
to Death of Saul.
  Chapter 1:
   Destruction upon Philistines / Land,
   by Wrath of God, on
   Account of Ark Captive;
   What Manner Ark Sent to Hebrews
  Chapter 2:
   Expedition of Philistines Against
   Hebrews, and Hebrews’ Victory
   Under Samuel the Prophet,
   Who Was General .
  Chapter 3:
   Infirmed Samuel, Intrusted Public
   Affairs to Sons; Evil Administration
   of Government by Them, people
   request to Have King Govern Them.
  Chapter 4:
   Appointment of King over
   Israelites, Named Saul;
  Chapter 5:
   Saul’s Expedition Against
   Ammonites, and
   Victory - Spoils.
  Chapter 6:
   How Philistines Made
   Another Expedition Against
   Hebrews, and Beaten
  Chapter 7:
   Saul’s War with
   Amalekites, and
   Conquest of Them.
  Chapter 8:
   Upon Saul’s Transgression,
   Samuel Ordained Another King
   Privately, Whose Name Was
   David, as God Commanded.
  Chapter 9:
   How Philistines Made Expedition
   Against Hebrews, Under Saul;
   How They Were Overcome by
   David’s Slaying Goliath.
  Chapter 10:
   Saul Envies David for
   Glorious Success, Tries to
   Entrap Him, from Promise of
   Daughter in Marriage.
  Chapter 11:
   How David Escaped Dangers,
   by Affection and Care of
   Jonathan, Contrivances of Wife Michal;
   How He Came to Samuel.
   Chapter 12:
   How David Fled Ahimelech,
   and Afterwards to Kings of
   Philistines, and Moabites;
   How Saul Slew Ahimelech Family.
  Chapter 13:
   How David, when He
   had Twice Opportunity of
   Killing Saul, Did Not Kill Him.
   Concerning Death of Samuel-Nabal
  Chapter 14:
   How Saul Desired Necromantic
   Woman to Raise Soul of
   Samuel; and How He Died, with Sons,
   upon Overthrow of Hebrews.
(Books 1 - 6)
(Books 7 - 13)
(Books 14 - 20)
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