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A Pre-Enlistment Must Read!

The following information may be helpful for individuals currently serving or considering enlistment in the United States armed forces and for those concerned about conscientious objection and religious liberty in the military. 


Christians must keep in mind that their religious principles will no longer have any bearing in their life, you will be required to do things that go against the word of God. If the main reason is an income, they have just sold their soul away. 

If one wishes to be part of a defensive service for their country, and this is totally acceptable according to scripture, then a militia organization would most likely be the way to go. In this way a person could learn military tactics and be ready to defend ones country should the need ever arise without being forced to compromise God's word.

Most of today's military's are not about defense but about conquest and aggression.


Read Actual Armed Forces Contracts and Documents.

Read the military's School Recruiting Program Handbook which is distributed to all recruiters as part of their training. School Recruiting Program Handbook 

2006 Operational Law Handbook - page 340 discusses the standards for conscientious objection, and what factors are considered by the U.S. military in determining whether such status applies.  (Click the "Read this book" button and enter "340" in the space provided.) 2006 Operational Law Handbook 

Before you join, read the U.S. Military oath:


For more on military service read MILITARY SERVICE and SELF DEFENSE.

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