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The old Radio Church of God published the following by Dr. Herman Hoeh:

What Will Each Church Member’s Duty Be?
HAVE you ever thought about what YOUR JOB will be in the Kingdom? About what Christ will have you do in the millennium? About how you qualify for that responsibility?

What Christ Expects of Every Church Member

Salvation is a gift from God. It is absolutely free. But you can lose it!

Since salvation is something you can lose, then God must have set terms or conditions upon which He grants it.

It’s time you understood what those terms or conditions are.

First, notice how one may lose salvation – why some are thrust out of the Kingdom of God, while others are saved.

Jesus said of those who perish:

“Cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matt. 25:30).

What made this man unprofitable?

Why did Christ refuse him admission into the Kingdom of God ? Wherein had he failed?

The answer is found in verses 21 and 23. To those who are to receive salvation, who will inherit the Kingdom of God, Jesus said: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

Do you grasp it? Do you see the difference? The unprofitable servant was not faithful in carrying out the few duties given him in this life! He had not learned to master his time, he had not learned to master his human nature, he had not learned to rule his family -or, if a woman – to rule her children. He hadn’t improved his mind or put his income to work-even though he knew better! All he could say to his Lord was – “I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: and I was afraid, and went and hid my talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine” (verses 24 – 25).

He buried his talent. He was careless about life’s responsibilities. He didn’t call upon God for the help he needed. He lacked faith, which is a gift of the Spirit of God. He had not overcome. His Judge condemned him: “Thou wicked and slothful servant , . . ” (v. 26) .

Too many members in God’s Church today are like the unprofitable servant. An AWFUL fate awaits them unless they wake up! They are failing the ONE CONDITION Jesus Christ set for every church member: “To him that OVERCOMETH.”

But what does it mean to overcome?

The dictionary defines it as: “to master, prevail over, surmount, overwhelm, be victorious over, to win, to get the better of, to conquer.”

How many of you are mastering your job, your children, your human nature with God’s help? Are you surmounting obstacles? Gaining the victory over bad habits? Conquering your weaknesses?

In short – are you overcoming like Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel? Israel means, in Hebrew, “prevailer with God” – or, “ruler with God.”

Do you know what Jacob will be doing in the Kingdom of God? What this Philadelphia Era of the Church will be doing? What your individual responsibility will be? Everyone of us will be ruling under Christ – IF we have first, in this life, here and now, surrendered our wills to Him, and have let Him rule in and through us. No one will be there who has not come under Christ’s authority, or who has not learned to rule with Christ in the little duties and jobs we have in this life.

Different Degrees of Authority

But just as we do not all exercise the same kind of rule and authority now, so there are different kinds of responsibility in the Kingdom of God. Not all will have the same office. Not all will face the same duties. …

We are the Church that has been used to restore the truth and the pattern of God’s Government. …

Notice that at the end of each of the seven stages in the history of God’s Church there is a definite promise for the Church which carries on God’s WORK during that particular period. You will find these seven promises recorded in Rev. 2:7, 10 and 11, 17, 26 to 28; 3:4 and 5, 12, 21. …

To each Church epoch DIFFERENT PROMISES are granted! … Some Churches are promised a special duty. …

All who overcome are to inherit the Kingdom of God-they will constitute the Kingdom. But they will not all occupy the same position in the Kingdom.

Jesus Christ does not occupy the same position as the Father. Yet both of them have eternally constituted the Kingdom of God.

The “saints shall judge the world” (I Corinthians 6:2), but some will be qualified to judge greater matters than others. “We shall reign on the earth” (Revelation 5: 10), but we shall not all reign over the same territory or people.

We shall all be priests – Peter calls us even now “a royal priesthood” (I Peter 2:9) – but some will minister in greater capacity than others.

It all depends on how we’ve overcome – how we strive against the attractions of the world and the pull of human nature.

When Christ comes to judge us, He will “give reward unto . . . small and great” (Rev. 11: I8). Some of us are smaller than others in God’s sight. Some have not yielded to the law of God as much as others. Some have not worked as hard on uprooting the power of human nature as others-they have not let God’s law govern their lives to the same degree as others.

In the Kingdom or Family of God there will be individuals of different degree. But for each individual there will be a responsibility, a job. Not the same job, of course! – for we are not all called to the same office. But every office is needed. An entire CIVILIZATION. God’s kind of civilization, God’s way and not man’s way. It will take literally millions of different jobs to create civilization as it ought to be.

YOUR JOB will be what you will find the most pleasure in doing.

We do not all get the same pleasure out of the same thing. That is why God has not called us all to the same office.

Notice, now, what the Church today is promised-and this includes you if you continue as an overcomer and resist temptation and end up as victor in your trials.

What This Church Is Promised

Open your Bible to Revelation 3:10-12. Here is what it says: “Because thou [this Church] hast kept the word of My patience” -we have patiently kept God’s word in a gainsaying world- “I,” responds Jesus, “also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

If we hold fast to the end, notice what the reward of this Church will be in the Kingdom of God: “Him that overcometh [this includes anyone, not just the ministry] will I make a pillar [or main support] in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, New Jerusalem: and . . . my new name.”

In Galatians 2:9 you will read that James and Peter and John seemed to be “pillar” in the early Church. They were leaders! That responsibility is what God promises to us in God’s Church today. We are to qualify – not for David’s office, not for the apostles’ offices – but as spiritual pillars or leaders – the main supports in God’s House [symbolically called “temple” in Rev. 3: 12) for all eternity. A pillar is the main support in a temple!

Think of it! Being able to judge at Headquarters in Jerusalem, all the varied problems of the whole world! No human court could begin to do what God promises we shall be qualified to perform.

Notice, too, the Scripture: “He shall go out no more.” We are never to be removed from that reward and responsibility. Think of that! We are to be at Headquarters – setting policies – determining those decisions that need to come to Headquarters. (Compare Acts 15 with this.) …

But more than that, this Church – the Philadelphia era – is to have the name of the capital city of the universe – the Headquarters of the world. That is where we are to be centered. The pillars of the Church ought always to be at Headquarters so that all may appeal to it for decisions. All of you are being trained for this job now – even if it is only by learning to pray for the work at Headquarters and by sending to Headquarters your tithes for the conduct of the work of this Church. …

So let us all hold fast to the responsibility given us and do it the very best we can. We are all to be judged according to what we have. Many who seem to be small now will become great spiritual pillars tomorrow-and for all eternity. And some who seem to be greater today may not appear to be so great tomorrow. God is no respecter of persons. …

God will not make of you what you are not willing to become!

What wonderful truth about the Government of God which lies hidden within these seven small letters! What wonderful promises are open to us – undreamed-of powers to remake the world and to be happy doing it! And to think that God extends to this Church as a body the positions of “PILLARS” in His Work.

Not everyone called to be an apostle was an overcomer – Judas departed from the faith. And not every one of you will succeed. But God’s promise stands firm. We CAN – if we overcome ourselves – STAND TOGETHER AS PILLARS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

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