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The Third Temple


Does Bible prophecy require a third  temple to be built?

Though the Bible speaks of sacrifices resuming in Jerusalem, does this mean a temple must be built, even though the Bible does not state it?

For years the Temple Institute ( in Jerusalem has been preparing the materials needed for a third temple. In 2015 they completed an altar needed to restart sacrifices. In 2017 they preformed a sacrifice near the temple mount that resulted in arrests. In 2018 they were given permission to perform a reenactment of the Passover sacrifice at the base of the temple mount. And now in 2022 they have received the Red Heifers from Texas required for sacrifices to begin.

It appears that they are moving a head without a third temple being built. So in answer to, does a temple need to be built? The answer is no.

As prophecy continues to come to life, are you paying attention?

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