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When considering the Jewish calendar, whether it is the vehicle God wants His people to use to meet with Him at His appointed times, you may want to consider these questions!

Where in scripture is the authority to change the Holy Days as instructed (written) in the book of the Law, when fashioning the Jewish Calendar?
Why did God give in scripture, specific instructions as to the month and day; and tie them to the Seasons if they were to be altered for the convenience of a preparation day?
Why were there no instructions for the inconvenience of back to back Holy Days written in scripture, such as their were in the account of Dt.14:24-25?
How does the term "committing" to them [the Jews] the Oracles of God, evolve into changing, moving, delaying, or altering the commands of God, for keeping His Holy Day's, as given in the book of The Law?
Why would God use the very people who constantly disobeyed Him, did not believe Moses and rejected Jesus as their Messiah, to establish the calendar that would direct the spiritual body of Christ down through history?
If God truly commands a "preparation" day before each Holy Day, why do we observe Pentecost each year on the day after the Sabbath without concern?
If the Jewish leadership has the responsibility for setting the calendar; and we have ONLY to follow it, why do we keep a different day of Pentecost than their calendar shows?
If we do not consistently follow the Jewish Calendar, are you then saying we are really not bound to follow it at all?
The religious Jews have shown they do not know how to properly count the day of Pentecost. Why then do we trust them to properly set the other six Holy Days?
The Church has taken great pains and meticulously shown that the Sabbath we keep today is the exact seventh day God rested, after He created the heavens and the earth. Why then, do some, in the Church of God, have little or no concern that the same care has not been taken in keeping holy the exact days God has made holy, when instituting the postponements?
Isn't it true, man cannot keep holy what God has not made holy? The very term postpone means to delay something. In this case it's God's Holy time! Therefore are we not in error?
Does it sound reasonable that God would use the Jews, who fit the definition of an antichrist [1Jn.2:22, 4:3, 2Jn.1:7] to oversee the Holy Day Calendar?
"Thy Word is truth" (Jn.17:17), are the words of Christ, which limits where inspired spiritual truth is found. God spoke to Moses and the Prophets and in time, truth was RECORDED in scripture through the Holy Spirit. It was not left to be handed down orally. In John 15:15, all things were given to Christ from the Father and passed on to the disciples. Why was something as important as when and how to keep the Holy Days, in reference to postponing them, not recorded in new testament scripture?
God said, "This shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you" (Ex.12:2). Where in scripture are we told to determine the beginning of God's year by counting backwards 177 days from the seventh month, Tishri?

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