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Congratulations! You may have just found yourself a free NKJV New King James Outreach Paperback Bible.

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ISBN 9781585160457

Distinctive features of this edition of the New King James Outreach Bible, Language in English

Traditional Bible Text: A formal translation that retains the beauty of the King James Version yet replaces archaic words with modern-day equivalents. 

What’s in the Bible: A brief summary of every book in the Bible and a handy chart that provides an overview of all the books that make up the Bible. 

How to read the Bible: Simple suggestions on how to read the Bible devotionally and keep notes. 

Read through the Bible in a year: Easy-to-follow daily Bible reading plan. 

Famous passages of the Bible: A guide to locating famous Bible stories. 

Finding help in the Bible: A guide to Bible passages that can help when you may be facing a difficult problem or special challenge. 

What the Bible says about God’s forgiveness: A guide to passages in the Bible that speak of God’s great love for you. 

Includes reader's aids and supplements. 
Paperback. 1248 p. (5 ¼ x 8 ¼ in.) 

We have a limited supply available so we cannot guarantee that you will receive one, if that is the situation we will send a DVD video instead.

Only 1 bible per family or to an address, and unfortunately this is only valid in the lower 48 U.S. states.


To claim your free bible simply email your full name and mailing address to us at and MUST include in your email the page you found it on.

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