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The Lord made it clear during his ministry to both pray and watch to be ready for his return (Mark 13:37). The world is changing quickly!

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If you will visit this site on a regular basis you will be more accurately informed with the truth of what’s happening right now.

  • Censored.News - Get all the censored news headlines in real time.

What is a globalist? It is those that oppose individual state (country) sovereignty and reject international institutions. They seek to have a select few (typically those that hold some sort of power in government) run the world, turning it into a humanist world away from God.

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Is Belief All That's Required for God's Gift of Salvation?

Why are Christians defensive about evangelism

There are those that are propagating the narrative that people are going to get a second chance at entering God's kingdom, that it is just not their time yet. But what does the word of God have to say on this matter?

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