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Day Of The Lord Revisited
"Day Of The Lord Revisited".
Are you prepared for what's ahead
for America and the world?
A must watch series time lining the day of the Lord
and our Lord's return

View the
U.S. National Debt Clock

All information available directly from this site is free of charge, with the exception of those items provided by other ministries or business that are linked to from this site, some of which may not be free of charge.

Through this Internet ministry we seek to minister to non-Christians and Christians without charge, and for local churches around the globe to receive all the benefit. 

We appreciate anyone willing to give his or her time and energy to serve this ministry, the need for volunteers may vary. You can help make a difference in others' lives when you volunteer.

What can you do personally to help proclaim the gospel message or participate in the collective effort to proclaim the gospel?

Although one can and should proclaim the gospels message on an individual level as opportunities presents itself, each one should also help serve in a larger capacity as a member of Gods family as the opportunities present themselves. If you believe that this work is attempting to proclaim the truth of God through the worldwide web, then there are several ways in which you can become personally involved in this work.

We seek no monetary reward. Read why

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  • Volunteers are needed to search the worldwide web to find bulletin boards and chat rooms on which to announce our web site and other free information. Volunteers post announcements, update announcements, and review bulletin boards on a regular basis to see if our announcements are current and still posted.
  • Volunteers search the worldwide web to find web sites that will host a hyperlink to our web site free of charge, review these sites on a regular basis to see if our link is still there, and maintain good relations with the webmasters of these sites.
  • Volunteers search for new or creative ways to advertise our web site. When a new or creative way to advertise is found, the Volunteers design and launch the advertising program through the new or creative method they have come up with.

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