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How many today live in a home where there is never a cold or fever, no tooth troubles or poor eyesight or any of these diseases? Where no one is ever sick? Do you know of any such home? You're a rare person if you do! All humanity should live in such homes - could! - and many, if not most, will in the GOD-ruled WORLD TOMORROW!

If the body is the temple, then the food we put in it is an offering to God. We should be responsible with the upkeep of it!


Thing's Hidden in Your Food

Self Reliance

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  • Body Mass calculator

    OBESITY is a major health problem these days, but how does one figure proper weight? Now with the help of this Body Mass calculator you can get an idea of what should be your proper healthy weight.
    It should be noted that Body Mass calculator isn't completely accurate in predicting health risks: highly muscular people may show up as "overweight" or even "obese," whereas people with a lower weight but a high body fat percentage may show up as "normal," and yet be unhealthily "overfat." For a good number of people, though, it can at least give an indicator.

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